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Why Longarm machine quilting?

My wife had several quilts that were “in progress” as I’m sure many of you do. The blocks are done, they might be pieced together, borders added but there they sit. Neat treasures for sure but they’re still waiting to be finished. They might sit around for years unfinished. Unless they’re finished they can’t be given as presents, used by you or displayed. Hand quilting is great as is domestic machine quilting if you’ve got the time.
With Longarm machine quilting an edge to edge pantograph or center design and borders can be done by us in a two week turnaround time. You put the binding on or have us do it and it is done! Now, you  are ready to start on another quilt. 

Longarm machine quilting is what we do.

We use an APQS Millenium on a twelve foot table with the Intelliquilter (IQ) computer quilting system.  This makes it possible to offer almost unlimited patterns for pantographs as each pattern can be resized, rotated, mixed with other patterns etc.  We primarily use Superior Threads and carry an extensive selection of both solid and variegated thread colors. We also stock batting by Hobbs (rolls of Heirloom 80/20 and bleached cotton) and The Warm Company (rolls of Warm and White and Warm and natural).  In many cases it is cheaper than you buying it and mailing it to us. Need backing?  We only stock wide 100% cotton muslin however we will be happy to coordinate backing fabric for you.