CW Quilting


Quilt Preparation

Proper preparation of your quilt top and backing fabric is essential to produce a good result.

Quilt Top

1 Mark the top edge (direction) of the quilt with a pin or a piece of painter’s tape.

2 Trim all the loose threads from the back. Loose threads may show through.

3 Be sure that all seams are secure. Check to make sure that no seams are loose. If you have a pieced border, for best results, “stay stitch” ¼” around the edge of your quilt top. This will help to keep the seams from separating while quilting.

4 Be sure that your quilt top is square. Measure your side borders as well as the middle of the length of your top. The measurements should be the same. Measure the top, bottom and, across the middle width. If these measurements are not the same there is a possibility that there will be puckers or tucks in your quilt.

5 Seams should be pressed open. Be sure that the quilt top lies flat.

6 Quilt must be clean and odor free to prevent transfer to other quilts.

7 Do not pin, baste or attach any bindings to the quilt. The three layers will be loaded independently of each other on our machine. Bring or send the layers separately.

8 Do not have any embellishments on the quilt: no buttons, charms, pins, sequins, etc. If you do want these add them after the quilt has been quilted.

9 If you want curved corners wait until after the quilt has been quilted to cut the corners. Square corners are best to attach a quilt top to a longarm machine, it gives more consistent results.



1 Make sure that your backing is square and at least 4” bigger all around than your top (8” longer, 8” wider).

2 Mark the top of your backing fabric with a pin or a piece of painter’s tape.

3 If you are not sure if your backing is square, make it larger than indicated above so that I can square it up.

4 If you are using a pieced backing cut off the selvedges and seam it using a ½” seam that is pressed open.

5 The only backing that I currently have in stock is 100% white cotton muslin 108” wide.



If you send batting make sure that it is 8” longer and 8” wider than your quilt top.

2 Please don’t send me Mountain Mist from Joanne Fabrics. Most of the batting from Hobbs, The Warm Company, or Quilter’s Dream will produce a better result.

3 You can purchase batting from us, it may be less expensive in the long run (see pricing page).



1 If you would like us to do your  binding: Send a yard of fabric. The excess will be returned.

2 The cost is .18/ inch for machine binding or .25/inch for hand stitched binding (Machine stitched to front of quilt, hand stitched on the back, this gets expensive really fast and I advise you to do the binding if you have the skill.)


Rights of CW Quilting

I reserve the right to return your quilt to you without doing anything to it if I feel that the quilt was not properly prepared and quilting the quilt would not be pleasing to me or to you (out of square, weak seams that might get ripped, the quilt would look too distorted, etc.) We of course would contact you in regards to any issues we think may be detrimental to your quilt before we send it back to you.